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You Might Be Surprised to Learn How Surveillance Could Be Used Against You in Your Phoenix Injury Case
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You Might Be Surprised to Learn How Surveillance Could Be Used Against You in Your Phoenix Injury Case

You Might Be Surprised to Learn How Surveillance Could Be Used Against You in Your Phoenix Injury Case

Have you been injured in an accident? Be aware of personal injury surveillance. The extent of the victim's injuries would most likely be the most contested issue in a personal injury claim after guilt has been proved. Why?

For starters, the at-fault party will not be obligated to compensate the sufferer if the injury is not legitimate or was not caused by the accident. Second, the severity of the injury influences the amount of pain and suffering that is acceptable. If pain and suffering are devalued, the value of a claim may be dramatically lowered.

If the defense accuses you of inventing an injury or exaggerating the severity of one, personal injury monitoring may be employed. This means employing a private investigator to monitor your activities and document anything that might be used as evidence against you. Some of the most important features of personal injury surveillance to be aware of are included below. Remember that your best bet is to work with a Phoenix injury attorney. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 602-340-0030 now for help.

It is lawful to conduct surveillance in public

The road in front of your house is accessible to the general public. As a consequence, a private eye can park on the street and photograph or record all they see. They won't be able to see inside your home, but they will be able to see what you're doing in your yard, on your porch or doorstep, and in your garage when the door is open. Private detectives can follow you about town, including to work, the store, and other public places.

It's conceivable that your social media profiles will be kept under surveillance

Personal injury monitoring encompasses more than just physical surveillance. It's possible that your internet activities will be tracked as well. As a result, it's vital to avoid using social media to discuss your injuries or case. Avoid making comments or sharing photographs that show you striving to seem happy or active despite your injuries, since they might be used to argue that you are not as gravely injured as you claim.

Keep your eyes peeled for deceptions and traps

It's not unusual for private investigators to put up ruses and traps for their surveillance targets. For example, if they're watching a person with chronic back pain, they may put a $100 bill on the ground outside their house and see if the injured person can bend down and pick it up comfortably and with a normal range of motion.

Any Surveillance That You Suspect Should Be Reported to Your Attorney

If you believe you are being watched, tell your personal injury lawyer right away. Your lawyer can then get copies of any surveillance material and begin formulating a response. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker will not give up on you, even if a private investigator claims to have caught you in a compromising situation. Rather, we will continue to fight tooth and nail for the compensation you need and deserve. To discover more about how we can assist you, please call 602-340-0030.

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