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Truck Accident 101: Get the Basics of Big Rig Accidents in Phoenix
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Truck Accident 101: Get the Basics of Big Rig Accidents in Phoenix

Truck Accident 101: Get the Basics of Big Rig Accidents in PhoenixIt is likely you hear less about big rig accidents than you do about car accidents. This is because there are indeed few truck accidents than car accidents – but don’t let that fool you. It is also true that though the numbers may be lower, the seriousness of a truck accident is often much worse than that of a car accident.

It is not hard to understand why. After all, a car weighs an average of around 3,500 pounds and a big rig often weighs as much as 80,000 pounds. When you consider this fact, it is easy to see why so many big rig accidents turn fatal. These are just a few of the realities around big rig accidents. Read on to learn more and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 602-340-0030 if you need a free legal consultation.

Truck accidents can be more complicated compared to auto accidents

A truck accident is more complicated than an auto accident due to the rules and regulations that govern the trucking industry. A passenger vehicle has many laws to follow, such as speeding laws, laws about yielding to pedestrians, and laws to stop at red lights and stop signs, to name a few.

Big rig drivers are responsible for following these same laws as well as additional rules and regulations of their own as set out by the state of Arizona and the Federal Motor Safety Regulation Act. For example, trucking companies are legally required to conduct background checks on any potential drivers, to conduct ongoing drug and alcohol tests, and to regulate how many hours a driver is on the road per day and per week.

Whether it is the fault of the truck driver or their employer, if the laws are not followed then someone should be held liable. We know the laws and we know how to analyze driver log books and other documents to determine liability.

You may be able to sue even if it was not the truck driver’s fault

As is true of any accident, it is often complicated to determine fault in a truck accident. In many cases, the truck driver is going to automatically be assumed to be at fault, but this is not always the case. There are many potential reasons for a truck accident.

For example, it could be that a third-party cargo company loaded the truck with too much cargo or an unbalanced load. There are federal regulations that prohibit overloading specifically because it can result in accidents. This could result in the grounds for a lawsuit against the cargo company.

It could be that the truck was not properly maintained or that the parts used were faulty. This could result in a lawsuit against the company that performed maintenance and / or the company that manufactured the parts. Only your personal injury attorney can advise you for certain. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 602-340-0030 now for your consultation.

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