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Learn What to Do When an Insurance Agent Requests Your Social Security Number After an Accident
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Learn What to Do When an Insurance Agent Requests Your Social Security Number After an Accident

Learn What to Do When an Insurance Agent Requests Your Social Security Number After an AccidentIf you are in a vehicle accident, you may be required to deal with an insurance adjuster. They frequently ask for social security numbers. Indeed, they frequently do so in such a casual way that it may seem clear that you should hand it over to them — but should you? Continue reading to find out the answers, and remember that before agreeing to any settlement, you should always contact a personal injury attorney for a free legal consultation.

Do not give out your Social Security number to anyone

The plain reality is that you are not obligated to disclose your social security number to an insurance adjuster, and we strongly advise you not to do so if they ask for it. The adjuster's reaction is likely to be that resolving your case is necessary. In reality, some insurance firms may try to refuse to provide a settlement cheque unless they have the party's social security number.

In the end, this is nothing more than a bullying strategy. They don't have the legal authority to ask for your social security number. They have every right to ask for it, but if they do, simply inform them that you will not give them the number or, better yet, tell them they may talk to your personal injury attorney about it and send them to us.

What's the big deal about giving them your phone number?

You are free to provide them your social security number if you so choose. However, after decades of experience, we've learned that it's always best to offer the insurance adjuster fewer information rather than more. We've seen it time and time again: a customer turns up what they think is harmless information, only to have it exploited against them. We advise that you err on the side of caution and only disclose what is legally needed of you. A social security number is not included.

Do not sign anything until you have spoken with a personal injury lawyer

If your damage is more serious than a minor one, you should consult a personal injury lawyer before disclosing any information or documents. Allowing the insurance adjuster to record your talk is permissible, but they do not have the legal authority to do so without your permission.

Even the most straightforward instances can become difficult if the insurance adjuster finds a way to do so. They aren't on your side, so don't think they are. They work for the insurance company, not you, no matter how pleasant they appear. Call the The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker for a free legal consultation before agreeing to anything or signing anything.

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