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Learn What to Anticipate in a Pedestrian Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Phoenix
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Learn What to Anticipate in a Pedestrian Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Phoenix

Learn What to Anticipate in a Pedestrian Wrongful Death Lawsuit in PhoenixOne of the worst situations a person may go through is the death of a family member. This is true regardless of how they pass away, but it can be more difficult to live with if their passing was brought on by someone else's careless actions. Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 602-340-0030 for a free legal consultation with a wrongful death attorney if you lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident.

There are numerous possible causes of pedestrian accidents

A person might be injured in a pedestrian collision in a variety of ways. The driver might have failed to yield, been speeding, distracted, or intoxicated when they were behind the wheel. If they were at fault, you probably have a case for a wrongful death claim.

How to establish liability in fatal pedestrian collisions

Your lawyer's first task is to establish who was to blame for the accident. It's possible that the driver was careless in some other way, distracted, or violated the law. The motorist will typically share responsibility even if the pedestrian portion of the illegal crossing.

Your attorney will gather evidence, consult with expert witnesses, speak with accident witnesses, and take any other required steps to obtain as much proof as possible if the motorist contests liability for the pedestrian accident. While it is true that the money won't be able to bring your loved one back, it can help you manage your finances and provide some closure by ensuring that the guilty party is brought to justice.

You could qualify for several different forms of compensation

You can be qualified for a variety of damages, depending on the particulars of your case. Loss of consortium, loss of services (such as cleaning, home repairs, etc.), loss of financial and emotional support, funeral and burial expenses, medical expenditures related to the accident that led to the death, unpaid medical bills, and other losses may be included.

In most cases you have two years to file a case

You have two years in the state of Phoenix to pursue a wrongful death claim. This will prevent the at-fault party from having to defend themselves in ten years, by which time the majority of the evidence will have been lost. You should have two years to gather the proof you need to support your claims.

Of course, you won't be presenting the case entirely on your own; the majority of it will be done for you by your personal injury lawyer. We accept cases at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker on a contingency basis, so there are no up-front fees needed. We will receive a portion of the settlement if we prevail in your case. You are not responsible for paying our legal fees if we lose. Call 602-340-0030 right away to begin a free consultation with us.

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