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Learn How School Zone Laws Can Affect Your Car Accident Case in Phoenix
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Learn How School Zone Laws Can Affect Your Car Accident Case in Phoenix

Learn How School Zone Laws Can Affect Your Car Accident Case in Phoenix

Many drivers appear to be unaware of Arizona's school zone restrictions, or they appear unwilling to follow them. Failure to adhere to these laws might result in significant car accidents, pedestrian accidents, or child injuries. That is why, as Phoenix auto accident lawyers, we believe it is critical to revisit the fundamental legislation governing school zones.

Pay attention to the signs near schools

When approaching a school zone in Phoenix, you'll almost certainly notice a sign stating that the speed limit is 15 miles per hour during certain times (morning and afternoons). During those times on weekdays, you must adhere to a speed restriction of 15 miles per hour or risk receiving a ticket, a criminal penalty, or possibly being involved in a car accident.

There are more crosswalks in and around schools in the Phoenix area. When approaching these crosswalks, drivers should be extremely cautious and stop if they observe anyone in the crosswalk, whether an adult or a child. Before going, wait until the person has completely crossed the road.

Certain hours are more dangerous than others

You should be extra cautious whenever you're in a school zone, but especially during school drop-off and pick-up hours. Children have a tendency to dart in and out of cars and may not be as cautious around them. In addition to driving at a speed of 15 mph or less, you should keep an eye out for youngsters on the road. Even if there isn't a crosswalk at a given location, keep in mind that a youngster may be crossing the road there.

Unique regulations for school buses

Finally, keep in mind that school buses in Arizona are subject to unique regulations. When a bus comes to a complete stop and activates its lights and stop sign, cars in both directions must come to a complete stop. You are not permitted to leave until the bus has turned off its lights, closed its door, and pulled away. Children dropped off at the bus stop may dart across the street to get home, so be cautious.

One approach to avoid causing an accident, especially one involving a child, is to be knowledgeable about school zone and bus restrictions. As Phoenix automobile accident lawyers, we understand that no one wants to be the cause of a child's injury, and we hope that this reminder has been beneficial to all drivers.

What to do if you are injured in an accident

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