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How Insurance Adjusters Try to Minimize Your Claim
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How Insurance Adjusters Try to Minimize Your Claim

These tricks may limit your ability to get compensation.

How Insurance Adjusters Try to Minimize Your ClaimWhen you’ve been hurt in a car accident, it may surprise you to know that the insurance company (either your own or the other driver’s) is not on your side. But it makes sense: their job is not to give you as much money as you need to recover, but to minimize their own costs and ultimately increase their profits.

As a Phoenix car crash attorney will tell you, insurance companies use a variety of methods to try to reduce the value of claims.  Adjusters are often sent to the scene of an accident or to interview victims and witnesses to the crash to try to get the story and learn the facts of the case.  These adjusters are often tasked with the responsibility of getting your claim as low as possible — which may work for them, but does not help you.

Of course, this is where you Phoenix car crash attorney can be an incredibly valuable asset. Your lawyer can protect your rights and shield you from unfair tactics that are designed to minimize your claim.  Read on to learn about some of the methods that are commonly used — and how you can avoid being caught in these “traps.”

Suggesting That You Don’t Need a Lawyer

One of the most common tactics used by insurance adjusters is implying that you don’t really need a lawyer.  They may tell you that the case is clear-cut, and that an attorney will only cost you money.  But here is the part that they won’t tell you: they are here to advocate for their employer’s best interests (and bottom line), while a Phoenix car crash attorney will represent your best interests.

In most cases, if you do not have an attorney, you will receive a far lower settlement from the insurance company than you would if you were represented.  Your attorney will know what your case is worth, and how to fight to get the highest possible recovery for you.  That is why it is so important to have a Phoenix car crash attorney to represent you if you have been hurt in any type of accident.

Claiming That A Statement Is Required

After a car accident, an insurance adjuster may contact you and request that you give a statement about the incident.  Many times, the adjuster won’t tell you that the statement is completely voluntarily and that you have the right to refuse the request.  The statement will then be used to pick apart your claim, or find a reason why you may have actually been at fault for the accident — reducing your claim for damages in the process.

Many Phoenix car crash attorneys will tell you that it is not in your best interest to give a statement — and certainly to not give a statement without your lawyer present.  One misstatement or incorrect assertion could torpedo your case and give the insurance company a reason to deny your case.

Another tactic used by insurance adjusters is to tell you that they accept liability for the accident, leading you to believe that they will fully pay for your injuries.  What often ends up happening, however, is that they give you an incredibly low offer — and you may not have a way to fight back against the insurance company if you have already given a statement or the insurance company has already obtained all of your medical records by convincing you to sign a release.

These methods used by insurance adjusters can often result in a far lower settlement than you would get if you had retained an attorney.  Remember that an insurance adjuster’s job is not to get you top dollar — but to save their employer money.  That is why it usually is in your best interests to hire an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney to represent you.  Contact the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker today at 602-340-0030 or info@larryhparker.com.  We will vigorously advocate for you, and we never charge a fee unless we recover money for you!

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