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Do Hands-Free Driving Devices Really Do What They Are Advertised to Do?
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Do Hands-Free Driving Devices Really Do What They Are Advertised to Do?

Do Hands-Free Driving Devices Really Do What They Are Advertised to Do?

With such a focus on distracted driving and how dangerous it can be, it is no wonder that technological companies have rushed to market with hands-free devices. They purport that they are a safe way to use technology without taking your hands off the wheel. But are they safe? At The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker we know one thing to be absolutely true: A person who is entirely focused on the road in front of them is much less likely to be in a car accident than a person who is distracted.

Though hands-free devices do keep a person’s hands free to steer, this is not the only issue involved with using phones and other devices while driving. A bigger issue is being distracted. While hands-free devices free up the hands, they often require the driver to look away from the road to see what’s going on. This can be extremely dangerous. Though it is currently legal in California to use these devices, this does not mean that they are always safe.

A person who drivers will distracted can be found negligent

There are a number of laws and case history that can affect how a particular judge views the term “distracted driving.” Generally speaking, from a legal standpoint it refers to a person performing any action that they do not need to be performing when that activity impairs their ability to drive safely. With this definition, technology isn’t the only thing that can be classified as causing distracted driving.

A person could be held negligent for an accident if it was caused by them eating while driving, putting on makeup or performing other grooming habits, reading, writing, shaving, or – yes – using a hands-free device.

A closer look at the research

There is plenty of research that a hands-free device used to talk on the phone is just as distracting as holding up a phone to your ear to talk on the phone. Other research shows even more shocking results: Voice to text email systems can be more distracting than talking on the phone with a handheld device. When taken together, the research paints a clear picture that should convince anyone to simply let it wait until they can safely return a call or text.

Have you suffered an injury due to a distracted driver?

Are you the victim of a distracted driver? Did you get hit while riding a motorcycle, walking down the street, or while in a car? If you were injured and suffered damages due to another driver’s negligence then there is a good chance you have grounds for a personal injury case. You can contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker today to get a free legal consultation. We will go over the situation with you and advise you on your potential legal solutions. Call now to get started.

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