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Avoiding Distraction: Five Ways to Stay Safer When Driving with Children

When we talk about distracted driving, the focus is almost always on texting while driving. The truth is that for many parents, the biggest driving distraction is their children. Parents must be patient and careful to avoid becoming dangerously distracted by their children. A research company in Australia studied this issue and found some surprising…
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Do Not Make These Four Medical Mistakes After a Bike Accident in Phoenix

What is worse than being seriously injured in a bike accident? Making an honest medical mistake that prevents you from getting compensation for your damages. Keep reading to learn the four mistakes you do not want to make after a bike accident. Then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 602-340-0030 to speak to a Phoenix bike accident attorney…
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Reckless Drivers Are One of the Most Common Causes of Phoenix Bike Accidents

Despite many cities – including Phoenix – taking steps to reduce bike accidents, the number of bike accident fatalities continue to rise. One reason is reckless drivers. Too often, drivers are speeding, on their phones, or otherwise making the streets unsafe not just for themselves but for other drivers, bike riders, pedestrians, and anyone else…
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