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Bike Safety Advocates Strongly Recommend Phoenix Bike Riders Use Their Bike Light During the Day
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Bike Safety Advocates Strongly Recommend Phoenix Bike Riders Use Their Bike Light During the Day

Bike Safety Advocates Strongly Recommend Phoenix Bike Riders Use Their Bike Light During the Day

It's easy to see why more and more people are starting to ride bicycles. It's a fantastic way to get some exercise, it's good for the environment, it's inexpensive, and it's simply a lot of fun. While there are numerous benefits to this increase of bike riders, there are also some drawbacks. Bike accidents, in particular, are on the rise.

Not only is the number of bike accidents growing, but so is the number of deadly bike accidents. The good news is that bikers are actively working to make roadways safer for cyclists. Continue reading to find out what some of the possible solutions are. If you have been in a bike accident or have lost a loved one in a bike accident, please contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker for a free legal consultation at 602-340-0030.

Bike lights, according to some bikers, are the answer

Bikers utilizing their bike lights both day and night, according to people who work with bikes on a regular basis, might make a huge impact. There are minimal statewide regulations governing bike riders as of the authoring of this site, however Phoenix law mandates the following:

  • Every rider is required to have a seat
  • If you're riding after sundown or before sunrise, you'll need a white headlight and a red reflector
  • At least one brake is required on every bicycle
  • At all times, at least one hand must be on the handlebars
  • A maximum of two bikes can be ridden side by side

Most bike safety experts agree that these rules are a start in the right direction, but mandating helmets, as well as requiring bike lights not just at night but also throughout the day, may have a significant impact.

Why are bike lights required? They just improve visibility

According to statistics, the majority of bike accidents happen in the morning. It's not unreasonable to believe that both drivers and bicyclists are weary and not yet awake. They may be less likely to notice road dangers. If bike lights are utilized and the motorist can see the bike rider more readily, it might have a significant influence.

Because bikes are softer, quieter, and lighter than vehicles, it will always be up to bike riders to take precautions to avoid being hit by cars. One piece of the puzzle appears to be these daylight bike lights. Nothing will ever be able to completely eliminate accidents. If you've been in a bike accident, you'll need the help of an expert lawyer. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is where you'll find it. For a free legal consultation, call our offices at 602-340-0030 right away.

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